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Here is a little video we did in honor of Father’s Day and the upcoming release of Ajax Stacks upcoming mixtape release, “Idols Are Rivals.”

Highlights from ConvoTronics show at the Intersection on April 24.

Whiskey Neat proudly presents the latest visual for Ajax Stacks with the help of Mr. Nych G. We shot this during our down time in ATL. Give it a look, it’s pretty NEAT.

My Film Reel for 2012.  Thank you to everyone that has helped and supported me.

The latest Whiskey Neat production, directed by Josh Sikkema.

A little promo vid I did for my friends at Convotronics.  If you haven’t discovered them yet then you are missing out.

Willie The Kid’s “DIE FREE.”  Gun Ru stand up.

The second episode of Man vs. Internet: Man vs. Epic Guitar Solo.  This was the most time consuming editing job that I have ever done.

Simien the Whale’s “Always Something Easier.”  This is a video I directed last fall.  Check this band out, they are the real deal.

The first episode of a new web-series that I am directing and producing, Man vs. Internet.